Mímir - símenntun
Mímir - símenntun
Mímir - símenntun

Icelandic Summer Saga | Sumarskóli Mímis

Welcome to Mímir‘s Icelandic Summer Saga – your gateway to learning Icelandic amidst the vibrant culture of Reykjavík

Dive into the Icelandic language and culture with our immersive one-week courses. Each day is a blend of structured language lessons in the morning and engaging activities in the afternoons. Every lesson is a step closer to fluency, helping you to engage in Icelandic, from casual coffee shop conversations through exploring Iceland’s history and sights in a cultural environment to celebrating your learning achievements at the end of the summer with an Icelandic cinematic experience in Bíó Paradís.

Your adventure awaits: Join us this summer and embark on a language learning adventure in the cultural heart of Iceland.

Our summer courses and registration:

Saga beginnings (Level 1/A1.1): Embrace the beginning of your language journey. Courses will be held in English/Polish/Russian, and Spanish.

  • 24.06-28.06. Saga beginnings (taught in English)
  • 24.06-28.06. Fundaciones Islandesas (Islandés 1.)
  • 01.07-05.07. Saga początkujących (Islandzki 1)
  • 15.07-26.07. Saga beginnings A. and B. - a two-weeks course (taught in English)
  • 29.07-02.08. Saga beginnings (taught in English)
  • 12.08-16.08. Основы исландского (Иcлaндский 1.)


Volcanic Vocabulary (Level 2/A1.2): Erupt with new words and expressions.

  • 01.07-05.07. Volcanic Vocabulary
  • 29.07-02.08. Volcanic Vocabulary
  • 12.08-16.08. Volcanic Vocabulary


Aurora Speakers (Level 3/A2.1): A course beyond the basics. Let the language illuminate your way.

  • 08.07-12.07. Aurora Speakers


Glacial Tongues (Level 4/A2.2): Carve your way through more complex communication.

  • 15.07-19.07. Glacial Tongues


Nordic Nuances (Level 5/B.1.1): Communication for the more advanced. Navigate the complex currents of conversations.

  • 22.07-26.07. Nordic Nuances


Further information:

The courses are taught in two sessions, a morning session from 8:00-12:00 taught at Mímir in Höfðabakki 9, and an afternoon session from 13:00-17:00 that is reserved for outdoor teaching and field trips.

All students enrolled in the summer programme will be invited to a movie screening at Bíó Paradís in August where we show an Icelandic film and celebrate your linguistic achievements.

Please note that a course can only start if the minimum participation requirement is met.


For locals with an Icelandic ID-number (kennitala): 69.000,- ISK. For international learners/visitors: 89.000 ISK (Although the registration price will say 69.000 ISK your card will be charged 89.000 ISK)

The price includes:

  • all admission fees
  • coffee during the breaks
  • public transportation during field trips

The price does NOT include:

  • lunches
  • accommodation in Reykjavík



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