Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Do you dream of stepping into a role where you can have a real impact on the excellence of a product and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of site reliability?

Here’s your chance!

At Lucinity, we connect technology and purposeful design to help our customers discover money laundering faster and smarter while understanding their customers and implementing streamlined compliance. Our intuitive systems are simple to use, complementing the skills and ingenuity of compliance professionals.

We are on a mission to help banks and other fintechs fight money laundering, making it more difficult for criminals to do their shady business. And you may ask: “How do I fit into the picture”?

Great question!

We’ve got a fantastic team of people that have developed products that are making waves in the industry. But, as you know, the essence of every successful application is its reliability. We need your expertise in site reliability engineering to design, monitor, and optimize our infrastructure, ensuring that it's robust, fault-tolerant, and that it scales effortlessly.

As a Senior Site Reliability Engineer, your responsibilities are:

  • Designing, building and operating cloud-based infrastructure and related tooling, utilizing modern open-source software solutions alongside other SaaS services.
  • Using automation technology to ensure repeatability, eliminating toil, reducing mean time to detection and resolution of issues.
  • Performing root cause analysis and post-mortems with a view towards preventing future issues.
  • Designing and building CI/CD pipelines in collaboration with our development teams.
  • Creating monitoring, alerting and dashboarding solutions that improve visibility into application performance and business metrics.
  • Producing documentation and supporting development teams.
  • As a Senior Engineer, you mentor, guide and support your peers.

You will shine in this role if:

  • Your commitment to fault-tolerant designs is unwavering. You recognize that even the smallest downtime can impact businesses and work tirelessly to ensure our systems remain available.
  • You are enthusiastic about new technologies. The world is spinning faster every day, and you keep a close eye on where it’s headed. Anything that will make us more effective and efficient tomorrow gets you excited.
  • You love limiting toil with automation. You know that computers are really good at doing automated tasks over and over, much better than most humans, and that’s why you actively work towards limiting the stress of having to engage in monotonous toil by automating processes.
  • You have a proactive mindset. Instead of waiting for issues to arise, you anticipate, plan, and implement measures to negate potential pitfalls, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • You’re not afraid of asking why, what for, what if, etc. You can keep asking these questions until you arrive at a synthetic measurement that approximates what our users want our service to do.

What's in it for you?

At Lucinity we are intentionally building a culture we love. A culture built on trust, high performance, and continuous learning.

  • Feel at home around passionate, kind, talented and driven people? Then you'll fit right in!
  • Love learning new things? Fantastic, learning and growth are woven into everything we do.
  • Like having fun? Great, we do too! We Make Money Good and we have fun doing it. Our very own Fun Squad makes sure there's always plenty of varied activities planned both locally and online.

Our headquarters are in beautiful Reykjavík, and we have a hub in majestic London, but our workforce is distributed. We do most of our talking via Slack and Zoom. Our culture is built around a hybrid work environment and your ability to decide where you believe you do your best work.

Our SRE tech stack is; Azure DevOps, Azure, Terraform/Terragrunt, Kubernetes (AKS), Istio, ArgoCD, Helm, Grafana, Mimir/Pometheus, Loki/Promtail, Tempo/Otel, AlertManager, PagerDuty, Python, Bash, Typescript, PostgreSQL. Being an expert in everything listed is absolutely not necessary, because we know that great engineers adapt.

Why should you join us in Making Money Good?

Working at Lucinity means you are contributing to a better world. We empower humans whose responsibility is to identify and investigate potential money laundering transactions by providing the tools that take care of the heavy lifting for them, so they can let their talent run free. Our products help people make more informed decisions that will ultimately allow them to detect and prevent financial crime.

We want to make sure everyone at Lucinity feels like they belong. What will support that mission is if our teams reflect the diversity of the world around us. And that starts with you! We embrace people from all backgrounds, and we celebrate diversity of thought.

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