Wisefish ehf
Wisefish ehf
Wisefish ehf is an Icelandic company with offices in both in Reykjavik and Akureyri. WishFish is a fast-growing company and has participated in the digital transformation of the seafood industry for over 30 years, with customers all over the globe. Our workplace is family oriented, vibrant and fun. We are always looking for ways to be better, whether that is towards creating a culture that attracts diverse and talented people or make our teams more agile and effective. We want our work environment to foster creative problem solving and lively, energetic teamwork.
Wisefish ehf

Project Manager for WiseFish

WiseFish is looking for a talented Project Manager with a passion for digital transformation to join our team and take part in our journey in making the seafood supply chain more efficient.

WiseFish specializes in software solutions designed for the seafood industry. Our technical stack is mostly in Microsoft Business Central, and we are passionate about being an instrumental part in digitizing the seafood industry.

Helstu verkefni og ábyrgð
Participate in digital transformation projects for customers in the seafood industry
Oversee large implementation of software projects around the world
Advice, support, and service customers and partners to help them succeed
Participate in defining our products and overseeing product development projects
Grow your skillset to meet the demands of the team
Menntunar- og hæfniskröfur
Experience in project management is required
Relevant experience in the digital/IT field and/or seafood industry is a plus
Broad understanding of the product's life cycle
Experience in delivering presentations to a group of critical thinkers is a plus
Team player with excellent collaboration skills
Excellent written and spoken English
Willing to travel abroad
Passion and interest for the seafood industry is a big plus
Fríðindi í starfi
Flexible working hours
Commute grant
Support for up-skilling and continued education
Auglýsing stofnuð23. september 2022
Umsóknarfrestur3. október 2022
Ofanleiti 2, 103 Reykjavík
Skipagata 9, 600 Akureyri
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