Mes Clinic ehf.
Mes Clinic ehf.


Cosmetologist/ Nurse/ Aesthetic Nurse/ Medical Aesthetician

Helstu verkefni og ábyrgð

Conducting client consultations:

Client assessment and consultation:

Working with technology:

Utilizing technology in the workplace:


Organizing the work environment:



Menntunar- og hæfniskröfur

Higher education:

Tertiary education:



Fríðindi í starfi
    1. ompetitive Compensation:

      • We offer attractive compensation packages reflecting the skills and experience of our employees, including bonuses for achieving specific goals.
    2. Training and Professional Development:

      • We provide access to continuous training and workshops, allowing our employees to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge of the latest technologies and procedures in the cosmetic industry.
    3. Flexible Working Hours:

      • Understanding the importance of work-life balance, we offer flexible working hours that can be tailored to individual needs.
    4. Supportive Health and Well-being Environment:

      • We promote a healthy lifestyle and support mental well-being among our employees.
    5. High-Caliber Team of Specialists:

      • Our team consists of experienced professionals, creating an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and mutual support.
    6. Modern Technologies and Equipment:

      • Employees have access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, ensuring the highest level of service in cosmetic procedures.
    7. Career Advancement Opportunities:

      • We offer a clear career path and opportunities for advancement to those who show initiative and achieve their goals.
    8. Discounts on Treatments and Products:

      • Staff can take advantage of treatments and products offered by the clinic at preferential prices.
    9. Organizational Culture:

      • We prioritize a positive work atmosphere and organizational culture, valued by members of our team.

    Working in our clinic is not just a job but a path to professional development in a friendly and professional environment.

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