Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale

Bakery Manager Required

Oversees, coordinates, communicates and maintainsefficient operations in the dept. Encourages employees to achieve higher productivity, while keeping outstanding member service standards. Keeps the working environment safe, hygienic and free from any hazardous materials.

Helstu verkefni og ábyrgð
  • Ensures department procedures are being followed by everyone.
  • Inspects quality prior to displaying products, rectifies any discrepancies.
  • Monitors health code compliance, such as sanitation, temperatures and pull dates.
  • Assists members regarding merchandising or any other queries.
  • Coordinates activities to achieve sales plan.
  • Motivates, encourages and observes employees throughout the day in the perspective of delivering accurate feedback.
  • Scheduling of employees in the department.
  • Ordering products, equipment and supplies, effective stock control and controlling waste.
  • Physical inventory periodically (13 times per year)
Menntunar- og hæfniskröfur
  • Managerial experience required
  • Experience in controlling sales and payroll budgets
Auglýsing stofnuð15. maí 2024
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