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We at Arctic Adventures are looking for a Driver to join our Glacier Guide team


About the role:

  • Driving our clients to their destination while delivering exciting information about the natural history, geology and glaciology of the local area
  • Helping our glacier guides to board safely all the passengers, checking the right gear was provided
  • Attention to safety and comfort of our clients at all times


What do I need to apply?

  • Category D driving license as well as a current and valid CPC qualification
  • The ability to communicate clearly in English. Any additional language skills will benefit your application
  • A proactive attitude to learning and the mental fortitude required to work for extended periods in extremes of weather
  • The desire and ability to develop advanced winter driving skills under supervision of experienced Icelandic drivers


For further information about the role, please contact Francesco li Vigni:

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Skútuvogur 2, 104 Reykjavík


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