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Here you can create a job advertisement or a course advertisement.

Alfred guides you through the process, you just click on what you want to advertise.

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Simple and fair price list

Job ads

42 kr.

per click

until an ad has been
opened 1,250 times.

Maximum price: 52,500.
(without additional services and VAT)

Course ads

100 kr.

per day

for each course ad published
on Alfred.

Maximum publication 90 days at a time.
(without additional services and VAT)

Find the right person for the job

Users receive a notification from Alfred as soon as an exciting job opportunity comes up.

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Advertise your course on Alfred

On Alfred, there are thousands of users every day looking for new opportunities to study, play and work.

Advertise a course

Advertise. Process. Hire.

By advertising on Alfred, you get access to a simple and user-friendly advertising system that includes everything from advertising to the reception and processing of applications.

Create a job ad

Open Alfred Admin and click New Advertisement. Alfred guides you through the process.

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Save time and effort

Alfred offers useful tools that can facilitate the processing of applications:

  • Organise applications
  • Communicate with applicants
  • Video interviews
  • Send interview invitations
  • Request employment information

Included in the ad

The advertisement gives you access to Alfred Admin: Alfred's recruitment system.

  • Create, post and edit an ad
  • Reuse advertisements
  • Review Board: reception and processing of applications
  • Hiring board: processing of employed persons
  • Company profile
  • Unlimited number of users to Alfred Admin

Additional services available

Electronic ID

2.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Identify all job applications by electronic ID. Verification with an Icelandic phone number helps to certify your applicants quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Boost your ad

5.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Make your job advertisement more visible with a boost on the Alfred App and boost it to the top spot on our web. In addition, we notify all users on the Alfred Watch – if they haven't clicked to read your post already.

Facebook ad

7.900 kr. excl. VAT.

We will display your job ad on Facebook and Instagram. Our experts will target your audience based on their interests, location, and language, provided it complies with Meta's policies.


49.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Spotlight is the most visible ad banner on the Alfred platform. Seven days amid the latest job posts on Alfred make Spotlight a prime placement to showcase companies and recruit the best talents. For more information in Icelandic, click here.

The First Row

4.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Make your course stand out. Place it in First Row at the top of the page and grab the attention of anyone who visits the Alfred Course page.

General Application

12.900 kr. excl. VAT. per month

Create an inviting Workplace Profile by offering anyone interested to apply with a General Application. Included is the Alfred Recruiting System – unless your company prefers other processes to sort out your applications. This service benefits companies that wish to have access to a wide variety of multiple applicants on short notice.

Monthly price

12.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Annual price

121.680 kr. excl. VAT.

Extra visibility on Vísir

Box on Atvinna

15.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Post your job ad in the employment section of Vísir during your publication period on Alfreð.

Box on Viðskipti

29.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Post your job ad in the business section of Vísir for extra visibility during your publication period on Alfreð.

Banner on Atvinna

124.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Web banner for your job ad in the employment section of Vísir for 7 days — or until the end of your publication period on Alfred. Reach a wider audience on the most sought-after online medium in Iceland.

Banner on Viðskipti

124.900 kr. excl. VAT.

Extra visibility for your job ad with a prominent web banner in the Vísir business section for 72 hours. Grab the attention of avid business and management news readers on the Vísir web.

What do our customers say?

"The system is very user-friendly for both candidates and companies, simplicity and convenience are very important to us."
"At HEKLA, there are many managers who need to be part of the recruitment process. Alfred offers easy access control that ensures security and reduces distractions."
"The managers of Mosfellsbær believe that Alfred brings us more applications for most jobs and that it is faster to fill each position now than before. We strongly recommend Alfred's recruitment system."