Guenther Schauer
Guenther Schauer
Guenther Schauer

Thai Yoga Massage course 60 hrs in Höfn Iceland

Thai Yoga Massage Course in Höfn - Iceland, International certification from Thailand. Accommodation included! Get ready to experience the art of Thai Yoga massage in our upcoming 60-hour Thai Massage course starting on Oct. 29th till Nov. 6th You won't want to miss this fantastic opportunity to learn Thai Massage techniques and practice this ancient technique that combines yoga-like stretching, energy line work, compressions, tractions, reflexology, acupressure, mobilisations, twists, forward and backward bends, and meditation. This course will provide you with all the tools you need to become skilled in Thai Yoga massage and will leave you feeling confident and ready to utilise this healing art. Join us to embark on an exciting journey towards relaxation, wellness and self-discovery. Register now and prepare to become a pro in the art of Thai Yoga massage! Its my passion. See you in Oct. Guenther Schauer Certified Thai Massage Instructor & Therapist Schauer Thai Massage School
28. okt. 2023
9 skipti
218.000 kr.
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